White powder? Uncharted liquid? Anthrax letter? Corona pandemic? – What are you going to do?
Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats (CBRNE threats) do exist, they threaten us unseen.
Be prepared even when the unexpected happens. A CBRNE event is relatively rare, but if it does occur, it may have a major impact: people die or are seriously injured, infrastructure is no longer usable, and orderly “forward as before” is no longer possible.

To counter these threats, among other, it requires

  • personal protection: mask, gloves, protective suit and much more will protect you, your employees and family members,
  • detection capabilities: to determine that there is a threat,
  • decontamination options: to prevent the spread of contamination,
  • secured storage containers: seal hazardous substances.

The CBRNE Task Force

  • advises you in advance about precautionary measures of  personal, organizational and material nature,
  • conducts training for specialists as required and as part of the annual occupational health and safety instructions,
  • develops organizational principals as well as emergency plans and
  • supports your practical implementation.

The members of the task force hold decades of experience in CBRNE protection.