In order to meet the challenges in safety and security-relevant areas, it is important to have appropriate access to personnel and technologies that meet the challenges of the respective location in line with requirements and situations. Qualitative, quantitative, temporal, tactical, strategic and operational challenges, financial opportunities, speed of reaction and availability need to be considered. In addition, technical development and changes are fast. You can only weigh and select if you have the knowledge, understanding, possibilities and access. We design this with our long-standing partners, i.a. in the following areas.

::: Extended Business Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
Consolidation of information from heterogeneous systems and their central evaluation are essential for appropriate corporate governance and assessment of contacts.

::: Infrastructure & Energy Services
Provision of scalable infrastructure on a temporary or permanent basis including power supply in “blackout scenarios”.

::: Situational Awareness & Collaboration Tools
Ensure goal-oriented work in sensitive environments.

::: Perimeter Protection
Environmental analysis and environmental protection require technical components as well as sensors.

::: Unmanned Systems
The use of Unmanned Systems in every dimension can be relevant at any time.

::: ICT hardware, software and services
A basic service on the one hand, but the qualitative characteristics and achievements can be very different.

::: Cyber ​​Security & Business Continuity Solutions
Detect, protect, safeguard and train for protection at all levels.

::: More information regarding our possibilities we can provide in a personal conversation as needed …