::: Holistic Security Approach / Finance Sector
Consulting and support of a market leading bank for the development, implementation and operation of a blackout concept.

::: Security Consulting / Cross Industry
Creation of a holistic security concept for the property protection of a campus area with different functional and security zones.

::: Security Consulting / Aviation Industry
Creation of a security concept countering Unmanned Systems.

::: Perimeter Protection / Finance Sector
Implementation of a video analytics solution.

::: Perimeter Protection / Public Sector
Advice on implementing a Video Surveillance solution in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence.

::: Government Consulting / Government Sector
Advising and operationally supporting the management levels of various organizations or institutions on communication, organizational and security issues, with a focus on ICT. The projects were implemented in the European and Asian regions.

::: Government Consulting / Government Sector
Advice and support in the use and implementation of training concepts – Force on Force – as well as technical solutions in line with current terrorism challenges.

::: Government Consulting / Government Sector
Consultation and operational support of the management level of a municipality to build a staff for extraordinary events, scenario blackout.

::: Security / Family Office
Threat analysis and assessment of the situation. Ensuring personal protection, especially in a concrete stalking situation. Cooperation with the police and ensuring the determination of the threat.

::: Security Services / Cross Industry
Advising and assisting in the care and evacuation of employees and their families as of 2/24/2022 in the context of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

::: Corona Pandemic Equipment
Consultation of governmental and municipal entities as well as civilian organizations in the selection and acquisition process of corona pandemic equipment.