Our Focus

We support you and your company with a special focus on Security.

The Method
Strategic Operational Management – SOM – is based on a synergistic knowledge building and understanding in the areas of management, innovation, networking, ICT  and leadership as well as its practical implementation nationally and internationally since 1990.

SOM Secure Business Development serves the balanced view of the business situation: National and international positioning, objectives, partners, customers, challenges – the use and development of skills – simultaneous consideration of safety and security aspects of physical, technical and organizational perspectives. No compromise on the “crown jewels” of the company.

SOM Secure Business Development concept is illuminated, consistent, pragmatic, practical and realtime. From the abstract idea to the actual implementation it allows us to generate innovations by taking into account the knowledge and decision-making levels, with defined ways of communication and decision-making. This is possible through our experience, procedures and supplementary tools. We are talking about investments of days and short-term impact for years.

The complexity and speed demands of our time are high. Challenges for companies are coming from different areas: International competition, innovation, recruitment, financial needs, mentalities, cyber threats, privacy, economic espionage, Smart Buildings, Industry X.0, Digital Economy. SOM Secure Business Development helps to analyze and clarify this.